Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well nothin terribly excitin to report I must confess, been trying to get a book proposal written so I can send it out and try and entice the publishers lol. Frankly I think its harder writing this proposal than it is writing the darn book! But there you have it. Trying to send out lots of positive vibes and good energy in the hope it will boomerang back to me with a huge publishing contract :-D

Yesterday went climbing the cullen binn, which is the big hill which overlooks our town. Havent climbed it for since I was about 12. Dunno why....guess im getting lazy in my old age lol. Was fun though and took my camera and got in loads of nice snaps. Here's an example below.

Saturday night is my big leaving night out...gonna be absolutely crazy I think given the number of folk who are supposed to be coming (its nice being popular, hehe). To be honest no one at work has ever seen me drunk before (and I have a feeling I will be getting reeeally drunk, call it a premonition lol) so they will prob be in for an almighty shock. Will be sure to post all the sordid details!

Like this pic, its pretty and mystical looking Posted by Picasa