Saturday, June 11, 2011

Words from Eladria

I'm a bad blogger. I admit it. I've hardly written anything in months. In my defence, I've been distracted by health issues and struggling with other creative projects, but I plan to write much more in the future - in fact, I have a whole new blog planned. Until then, here's a little extract from one of the aforementioned creative projects - 'Eladria', the novel I'm just finishing off (and I'm getting there, it's just a matter of continually polishing away!). I think these words and snippets of dialogue make sense out of context. I'm not sure why, but I felt like sharing them here, in the hopes they might make sense to people. To me, they sum up the truth of our existence, and all that we strive to realise (I was going to say 'strive to become', but we already ARE that! Strive to realise is probably closer to it).

“The universe is but a play of duality, cradled in an infinite heart of unity, infused with a single life essence, a fount from which all forms arise. Darkness has its part to play. Without darkness, there could be no recognition of light. Always the balance must be maintained: night must follow day, autumn must follow summer and death must follow life...all in succession, a never-ending circle -- no beginning and no end.”


“The tendency of the mind is to create a false sense of separation. The gravity of the mind, of thoughts, beliefs and conditioning is strong and exerts a tremendous pull. But once you have touched the core of what you are, once you have tasted truth, you can never be the same again. The prison of mind will eventually, inevitably, dissolve. Now, I ask you..setting aside this illusory mask you have worn all your life, this illusory sense of being a person separate from the unity of life...what will you do now? Where do you feel your destiny lies? Answer from the heart, from the root of your existence and not through the filter of your habitual patterns of mind.”


She now had to take a leap of faith. She vowed to deal with whatever lay ahead of her while endeavouring to retain the knowledge, awareness and understanding she now possessed regarding her true nature and the inherent oneness of life. All of the dramas were but expressions in an infinite play of the primordial essence. She was what lay behind, beneath and beyond the outer manifestations. On this level, she was invincible, invulnerable and could transcend whatever came her way. She was beyond the happenings and events of life. She was life.