Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some dog pics

This has become a rather picture-less blog, which isn't great for an artistic guy who really loves working here are some pics I took of my dogs the other day while we were enjoying a mini-heatwave.

The pair of them must take after me: "do I REALLY have to get up now??"

Now the fun really begins. That's my knee in frame at the bottom there in case you were wondering. Normally when I start taking pictures Jamie (my white-bearded friend at the forefront) starts barking profusely. He's very camera shy. But I'm being very subtle and sly here, and he's lulled into a false sense of security (plus I'm using my iPhone to take the pics and not an actual camera - that would be too much of a giveaway)

"OK, NOW you're talking!"

2 dogs + 1 ball = recipe for squabbling! Unfortunately it doesn't matter what ball Millie has, the only one she wants is the one Jamie has. I sometimes swear that dogs have a bit of human ego about them. Maybe they've just spent too much time around humans...

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