Thursday, June 04, 2009

White Space

At the moment I don’t really have many words to share - I don’t really know why. Every so often I just enter a more reflective, introspective phase and the thought of blogging turns me off a bit. Even though there are still a great many things I’d like to say, I just don’t feel like saying them at this time. It’s at times like these that i like to withdraw into what i call ‘white space’...where i can be alone with my thoughts and, indeed, my lack of thoughts - or more specifically that still, blissfully peaceful s p a c e between the thoughts and waves of mind which is accessible through meditation. That space is the zone of all possibilities, the region where creative sparks are born. It’s probably no surprise that during such times, when I feel my energies withdrawing from outer to inner, that i become infused with creative ideas. It’s not really a time for actually bringing those creative ideas to fruition or working on them, more for being open to receiving them and letting them form and gestate.

For instance, the other day I could feel ‘something’ inside of me that needed to be expressed - something insistent and solid, ripe like fruit ready to drop from the wine. I needed to be able to ‘catch it’ as it fell. Ideas for my next novel had already been circulating through my mind, but now they’d reached a kind of fruition and they were ready to ‘drop’! I sat down and transcribed the entire outline for the novel from beginning to end. I say ‘transcribed’ because it was almost like the novel was already fully formed in my mind and i was just jotting down what i was ‘seeing’ as the plot unfolded. I didn’t struggle with it or try to force it, I just let it flow. When I got ‘stuck’ or lost the flow, I left it and came back to it a bit later and just let it begin streaming through my mind again. I now have a very workable plot filled with intrigue, drama, action and tension - and a set of characters that interest and excite me. They just seemed to jump out of my mind and onto the page more or less fully formed. I’m delighted to ‘meet them’ and look forward to getting to know them better as I write them.

The main character, after whom the novel is provisionally titled, is called Eladria. She’s been in the back of my mind for some time now and it’s around her that the entire novel seemed to fashion itself. She’s a very fiery, headstrong, dynamic character, filled with energy, aggression and frustration. She hasn’t yet opened her heart and lacks the energy of compassion - that quality which makes an ordinary person a great person. But she will grow and acquire much in the tumultuous path she takes in the book. I’m actually looking forward to getting started writing. I’ve really missed writing fiction.

I really relate to what Madonna said when asked why she continues creating music and performing - her answer was that if she didn’t, a part of her would die. And I feel that about writing. If I stopped now and let these ideas just drift by, a little part of me would die.

Huh, after convincing myself that I had nothing to write in my blog, I go and surprise myself. Anyway, there will be no more writing - or much anything else - for me today, as I have a nasty cold or minor fluish thing and am sniffly with a sore throat and extremely tiiired. Gonna rest and relax now. Have an Adyashanti audio series I’m listening to and a stack of DVDs I can chill out to.

Incidentally, after initially taking a hard-line against Twitter (“it’s the work of the devil”, LOL) I finally received one invitation too many and thought I’d check it out. It’s actually quite fun and harmless - though I can see how it might be addictive! That said, I’ll probably tire of it within a month - but if anyone wants to find me I’m ‘lucidexposition’ - I kind of like that username, it’s just about random and off-field enough to be ‘me’.

Funnily the initial reason I took an aversion to twitter is that it basically cements the illusory ‘ego’ self (the “I am this,” “I am that” kind of stuff which ultimately no more encapsulates the reality of ‘us’ than our big toenail). But I guess the way we function in this world is as seemingly individualised units of consciousness. So why not just relax and make it fun? You can still take part in the dream while recognising that it is a dream. But that’s a whole other topic...

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