Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video Blog: Accept Yourself

I've been toying with this for a while, the idea of creating little video blogs every so often - and I finally decided to go for it. I've never spoken on front of a camera before, so it was a rather strange experience. I'm not really sure how it turned out or whether it's something I will do again. You know what it's like when listening to a recording of your own voice - it can be a little uncomfortable and you tend to pick yourself to bits. This is doubly the case when viewing a video of yourself! But I resisted the temptation to erase it and, as a measure of accepting myself (gotta walk the talk!), decided to post it anyway.


The Crow said...

Och: Rubbish!
Wee bat o' drivel, mon.
But actually, I sat here smiling the whole way through :)
What is that accent? Midlothian?

Well done: that must not have been easy. Not something I would / could do.
Duality... well yesss.
Appearing to be something is not the same as being something.
Tough to reveal that to yourself.
Tough to recognize it.

Now what am I going to do, after you have hypnotized me?

Rory said...

Thanks for watching Crow. Dunno how to respond to your comments...! So I won't. LOL. The accent is my own unique variety I think, but you're in the right direction more or less. As for hypnosis? You will send me Lindt chocolate in large quantities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rory,

Great video. I like it almost better than reading your work because your voice is soothing and understandable, not like a lecture.
Thank you for the Daily Tao. I really don't recall how I found you but it motivated me to check out a few Tao books from the library and now I read a passage everyday while on the train or bus.
I have been trying to see myself and me in different situations. Especially with anger. My anger pain body is so strong, it gets hard to stop and examine what I am feeling when I’ve become so used to it….the anger that is. Its like you said the war with myself has lead to a war with everyone around me and I know they can feel it. I was reading something from Marianne Williamson the other day that said something like being upset over something we think someone did to us in the past, but now look at the number you’re pulling on yourself….almost like trying to oust due the pain that caused my war…and I am the one doing it! I think this has a connection to what your offering in this vblog.
Keep on posting. More videos too!

Dallas, TX

Rory said...

Hey Christopher, thanks so much for your comment. So cool that my writing inspired you to check out the Tao! I love to see how we all inspire each other. There are so many deep pointers to truth in the Tao...never quite in the words, which are paradoxical, yet always just beneath them.

Glad you liked the video. I wasn't sure whether to do any more, but I might if I feel moved to do so. If the feeling's there I'll act on it.

Re; your feelings of anger, I think it's great you have the awareness to actually witness it or be aware of it. The pain-body paradigm is hugely helpful, and the more you bring awareness to it, the more I think you gradually loosen its hold or erode it. The feelings pull you in a little less, lose their gravity and you know yourself more readily as the witness. Emotions still come, but they are almost like weather patterns and we can just watch them and make sure we don't get swept up in them. Some weather patterns are so persistent, but they are just weather patterns. We come to realise that we are the sky beyond and within which the clouds do their thing.

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting :)