Saturday, January 28, 2012


I must seem like such a fickle creature. But actually there are reasons behind my fickleness. I decided I was going to close this blog and start a new one -- which I did. I liked the thought of a fresh start, a blank canvas and a taking slightly different approach to my blog content. I started this particular blog several years ago and I've changed a lot in that time. My perspectives, my understanding and my approach to life, spirituality and philosophy have shifted, grown and evolved a great deal and I wanted to draw a line under the stuff I've written in the past and start back at zero. 

It's been fun. But the thing is, despite having stopped posting here, this old blog was still getting about 10 times the number of page views than my newer blog (which in fact hardly anyone was reading!). I don't exactly know how these things work, I assume it's because it's because it's older and more established and has a greater number of 'back links' or whatever. But it seemed a bit pointless to spend the amount of time I have been creating new essays and blog content and posting it to a blog that hardly gets any hits, when I could post it a blog that routinely gets quite a few. 

So, I now end that particular experiment and am resuscitating this blog. I'll update it with the content from my aborted new blog, and keep this one going. Hope you'll bear with me. 

In addition to this, I also have another blog over on Wordpress, Dreamlight Fugitive, which is focussed on creativity, writing and art. And I've been updating my Daily Tao blog with completely re-written and re-edited commentaries on all 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching. Hope you enjoy :)

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